Multiple Teams · US Lacrosse Official Course

What: US Lacrosse men’s game officials course

When: April 28-29  9-5 on Saturday classroom  9-3 Sunday on field training

Where: Pepper Geddings Recreation Center next to Myrtle Beach HS classroom.  Doug Shaw Stadium at Myrtle Beach HS on the field.

Requirements: All participants must register as an official with  When you register, please select the Federation rule book.  There is an online course that is required to be taken.  On the site, click on Officials, then in the resources drop down, click on online courses.  This course covers rule book in an introductory way.  There are videos for each rule.  You watch the videos, then take tutorial questions.  You move on to the next rule after getting a passing grade on the section.  After all the tutorials have been taken, email Steve Elias: a copy of your completed online course.  Next, you will be required to take 2 open book exams.  The 100 question NFHS Boys rules exam and the 25 question Youth rules exam.  The youth rulebook is downloadable through the USL web page.  I recommend that you print out a copy of the exams and take it old school first before answering any questions online.

Fees involved:  US Lacrosse fees payable to USL through their web page.  South Carolina Lacrosse Officials Association (SCLOA) membership dues $40.  Classroom and on-field training are free.

What does this get me? Passing all requirements gives you the ability to officiate boys lacrosse Nationally.  Specifically, you will be included in the SCLOA emails about spring/summer/fall lacrosse tournaments.  Normally, tournaments pay between $40 and $60 per game.  You can work games according to the volume of participants.  Normally 4 to 8 games per tournament.  I am the assignor for the Myrtle Beach area.  There are about 4 or 5 tournaments here.  Thomas Greig is the assignor for Charleston.  He is also the SCLOA President. will also have other contacts for you to reach out to.

What do I need to do now?  First, let me know if you are or aren’t taking the course.  Second, register with US Lacrosse and follow steps above.

Is there an age minimum?  Yes/No  Ideally officials can only work games at age levels 2 years younger then what they are.  If you are a youth official wanting to become an official, I need to manually have your USL membership listed as a player/official.

Please feel free to pass this information on to other potential official candidates.  Reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.  I am also looking for players to play in a free day of on field playing on April 29 from 9-3.  Age is not an issue as I will split players up according to age.  If your team or a team you know wishes to play, have them contact me too.

Steve Elias

732 616 7286