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Hi all,
Be the daily winner of at least $100 during our 12 consecutive days of Christmas raffle. It only takes one $20 ticket to win the daily drawing of at least $100, but with daily monetarily increases of at least $50 during each our 12 days of Christmas and with the Grand prize on the 12th day of Christmas being around $1,000! A total of over $5,000 in cashes prizes will be awarded during this 12 days of Christmas celebration. The first day of Christmas drawing will begin on 12/7/20. You can buy your old fashion ticket from Carolyn Swanson or I and you can also buy your tickets online:

If you see me tomorrow in the hall way I will probably ask you to buy at least one ticket 🙂
As Always, Go Seahawks and Stronger Together!
Thank you,
John Cahill
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